I am a textile artist and have been working in a Leicestershire village from the early eighties.

My subject matter has changed over the years from dance, swimmers, fairgrounds, circus and now horses; but my main aim and focus throughout has been to convey a feeling of the movement and energy of the subject more than anything else. The horses are the most recent and I am really enjoying this new challenge after drawing the human body for many years!

I studied at Loughborough college of art and graduated with a first class honours degree. After leaving college I sold one off items of all descriptions to Liberty and Co and two other London stores; appearing in several publications.

After having a break from work and having a family I became more interested in drawing and my life long fascination with dance began. I immersed myself in all kinds of performance styles and I produced many pieces with drawing, air brushing, hand and machine embroidery. My collection was exhibited at Covent Garden in a big one man show.

Recently I have decided to open part of my home as a gallery and display all my new work there. It will be open mostly by appointment but I will be having annual shows around September time.